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Coaldale Tigers

The millenium is finally here, so it seemed time for the "TIGERS" to regroup. What better way to find our friends and alumni than through the internet. We hope that through this site, old friends will become new friends. And, lost friends will become found.

Just think how many times you have thought about an old classmate, and wondered where he or she is living. What they are doing. Or what they look like now without going to a reunion.

Well, now you will be able to do it without leaving your home, and be able to share those memories and new experiences.

By signing the guest book and leaving your e-mail address, you can also make comments to help improve the site, or leave a message on our message board for persons you want to contact you.

Also, we hope to have chat rooms that you will be able to go to and spend time with your "new found" friends.

So, if you have lived in Coaldale, or attended CHS at any time, alot of friends would like to hear from you and reminisce some of those past memories. Please take the time to sign the guestbook also.

If you have any comments, questions, or any other things you would like on here, e-mail me at or webmaster at and we'll try to help improve the site.

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